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Dark Souls

While the game world can be to short, simple game mechanics, it is refreshing to see how the old school Namco Bandai will be when it comes to the Dark Souls. "This game will be more difficult than the soul Demons, '" said our representatives. To demonstrate the fact, albeit in an unintended way, died the other Namco Bandai representatives repeatedly during our demo of the new content of the game. So in summary: Dark Souls is so loud that the people who create it, not even play without dying.
Our demo began roughly in the middle of the game, with our characters trapped in a prison cell. Slept outside the station, so you can kill him and steal the key to be released from prison. But things are not good after the meeting, which seems to be simple. Soon, octopus monsters from the field and to kill all living things to roam. While you can walk and even climb up the ladder to avoid them (octopuses can not climb) when you get to the top of the stairs, waiting for the monster snake to come back to earth.

The answer, it seems, is a device that monster snake guard and then kill the enemies of the larger snakes to find to take control over them. However, it took much effort to get to this stage, as we continue demonstrators were killed while trying to get there. Namco Bandai is a character who is very polished, but in an age when most publishers are only deceiving their way through a game demo, we loved the fact that Namco ready to show off the game is difficult.

Difficulty is definitely a problem that the Dark Souls follow around. While not a direct sequel to Soul Demons ", he inherits many features of the game, like for example the possibility to leave clues for other players to find, when you die. However, there will be new features, such as the ability to encourage other players to help you complete a difficult task, as well as games, to attack others from a distance.

This game will be on 4 October in North America and 7 October in Europe, and was offered on the show floor with 16 units Gamescom. Stay GameSpot for more information about Black Soul, as we get them.



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