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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

While Nintendo made a fuss about the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda during E3 2011 Press Conference, it shows the next few precious new entries in the franchise honored: Sword of the sky. Fortunately, the show things differently in the Nintendo booth at the E3 floor, where three different demo offers three different experiences. Battle of the prison and the boss will sound familiar to any who wore a green tunic before, but to birds? Well, that's another story. We have also put a few new details about the ability of the sword Link snagged from Nintendo Executive Roundtable to paint a picture for this exciting new adventure.
All demonstrations take place in the chain of small islands floating on a cloud. Settlement on this land mass is a small town seen is reminiscent of other Legend of Zelda launch site, and the ground seemed to make steep, as if she had emerged from the soil below. In the first demo we played three great birds stripe across the sky, so that contrails of red, blue and green. When they come together in formation, they summon the three goddesses Gold (Din, Nayru and Farore) in the other Legend of Zelda games, which is the land of Hyrule and the Triforce created displays. God has been given magical powers to link, so maybe this is a sign of the bird sees the same ability to heaven sword.

The trio took over the lighthouse and the camera panned to stand in line to link the show together with three other residents of the city. Obviously not been asked to protect the soil and Hyrule Hylian Shield was link-casual dress with dark green pants, brown vest, embroidery and cream-colored long-sleeved T-shirt. Three old city stood before him, announced the start of the ceremony bird riders. The first competitor to catch up with the birds, and crowned grab the golden statue of the dog to be champion this year. When the hunt began, we were running on the ledge, jump from forgotten, and press the D-pad to call our birds in demand. Reckless leap into freefall turns out, have fun, so we stayed at the waterfall a little longer than our competitors, enjoy the sensation. You do not want to linger, we are whistling and immediately swept away by our winged mount.

Agility demo link on the last pit boss named Ghirahim. He is slim, light-skinned man dressed in white spandex diamond pattern. He stood with a smug grin on his face and a sword in hand, directly attack defenses many of us easily, and sometimes going so far as we pick up our swords with their bare hands. Throwing star, rushing down steps, and the ability to disappear in a flood of diamonds makes it a formidable opponent, we have used the tactic to block and dodge diligently to avoid death. Is this one of the major villains in the Sky Sword, Link has his hands full to do for him.

Is different than whether three demos on the show floor is not enough, the same day Nintendo unveiled further details about the new adventure of Link. Series producer Eiji Aonuma, Nintendo executives at the round table held in the one night of E3, said that against the bad guys do not link things that are only able to do with the sword.

Whereas, the Round Table from the sky demoed Aonuma Sword of the Japanese version of the game. In the first demo, two humanoid creatures found molelike link (provisionally called mogmas) talk about how they broke the key to a large door at the level of the five pieces and buried in different places. After sending two mogmas joined Relate the flush mode. This switch perspective to see the first screen with a sword sticking out of the center left. Move the Wii Remote back and forth to make a link to move the sword. When he was closer to the location of the buried key, the sound is even more urgent and the light from the center of the screen is larger. Once found, links to change the flush and began to dig (with special gloves that you need to be found in the game, Aonuma said), was the first piece of the key. During the first part of the castle was easy to find, turned out to be the next challenging and requires some clever lateral thinking (and use a bomb placed flowers).

Aonuma second demo shows how the environment - and how well the players know it - is an important component of the sky his sword. This demo starts in a wooded area shown in the E3 demo last year. Links plunged his sword into the ground, a move that transformed the area into one version, a strange sound of her own. While it has basically the same layout, color, the environment and the population is changing - the police this area is a large group of statues called guardians. As the sword handle link is still in the ground that he was not armed in this section is the only way to escape from her guardian. Link a temporary job in the world is a mirror to collect a number of green balls, and though he was unarmed, he was not entirely helpless. Scattered throughout the neighborhood torn shaped objects, which, if collected, frozen all the guards in place for a short time. Aonuma said this kind of game is regularly in heaven sword, the players must deal with the environment is a better title for their ability to deal with the limited world of mirrors.

And, although you might not guess it from the Nintendo press conference on Tuesday morning, The Legend of Zelda: Sword of the sky has a major show at E3 2011th By flying in a magnificent new creatures to manipulate your environment with the power of your sword, there are a lot of new things in store for adventurers candidates. Sword of the sky is slated for release this season, towards the end of 2011.



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