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Devil May Cry : Rebirth

If you connect to the Capcom fighting action know-how with the experience of storytelling, that Ninja Theory, you get DMC: Devil May "rebirth" with a recognizable style combat twisting story of the origins of anger, Scrappies, brown-haired Dante Cry. The area, at least. DMC makers are backing tracks here Gamescom 2011 with the first look at the battle of their game and take a closer look coiffed hero controversial.

Fluidity control characters is the number one position on a development team, the must-have list. "We have the most resources we nail them to be spent," said co-producer Motohide Eshiro. He also tells us how the experts Capcom action game in Japan is working closely with a team in Cambridge, Ninja Theory, the "every two months," visited the studio at this point in development. It is not possible to feel as fluid or to fight (this is a hands-off presentation) to say, but looks the part, with more emphasis on the air moves from the previous Devil May Cry titles.

Dante whip enemies into the air and make it up with a quick fire double from his pistol. Even there, she started her turn upside down and shoot the bad guy in Hang Time. The key to the combo-fighting system DMC-, air-focus Dante between three forms: humans, angels and devils. In this case, Dante access to different weapons and a series of movements that we see him swing the scythe into the arc spectral width in angel mode, a fire ax in daemon mode, and swords and guns out of the ordinary human form. The changeover takes place on the fly with a trigger controller made. It looks nice, but in game action, feeling is everything. We are itching, Dante Ninja Theory even put through its paces.
How to tell stories and "world building" that Ninja Theory, brings the project, DMC occurs both in the real world and the balance. Limbo is a demon dimension that runs parallel to and disturbing the lives of people. Dante, with the legacy of the devil himself, spent some time at any place in the demo Gamescom, he was drawn to a limbo dimension into battle with a thin, pale-skinned, black-clad creatures swinging big-edged sword to do. At some points, he also discovered the spirit of a golden girl - who apparently back in the real world people who can speak with Dante while he is in limbo. In the demo, he went to Dante's guide through the area around the balance, if they themselves help turn like a funhouse wicked. United States-are looking for, narrow streets and sloping, irregular cracks, falling to reveal a lava pit, or back, while the buildings destroyed on both sides of the press him. "The city itself is trying to stop you," she said to him.

You can see the fingerprints at Ninja Theory protagonist Dante DMC and light, the "sarcastic" limbo. The history of the game ", as Dante was the way he" and how the game starts, "he added was younger ... much more aggressive, angry ... more than just a street fighter than the previous Devil May Crys" , says creative director Tameem Antoniades. Dante as a disenfranchised youth Ninja Theory "has a lot of anger," together with "no job and no prospects." Ninja Theory limbo under community supervision is the CCTV camera housing with the evil eye balls packed. And in this kind of secret-level regions, away from the city, free-floating Dante navigate streets. He was also a fight with, in the tradition of Devil May Festival, the barriers that handed down by the enemy must be brought Cry. Here we see a pumice stone, a huge banner of red and orange-leaved trees growing in the kind of lush colors are reminiscent of parts of the Ninja Theory of the enslaved.

Yet to see "familiar faces" the developer promised the fans of Capcom's fighting series and rating system, which is the style, variety and damaging scores of each battle rewards. Not only that, says Antoniades, as is increasing the ranks of the battle, more elements of music are layered onto the scene, the chorus enters the highest rating. We would expect to see that in action as soon as we caught the DMC.



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