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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

This Year, Electronic Entertainment Expo, Konami unveiled Pro Evolution Soccer 2012's new feature set, promising--among other things--improved animation; AI updates for more realistic player positioning; and tighter, more accurate controls. Last year saw PES catching up with its archrival FIFA but not surpassing it--at least in terms of critical reception. Is this year's string of updates enough to see PES to glory or is it destined for a humiliating relegation?

Before you jump into a match, PES asks you to create a player that you can make as realistic or as horrifying as you like. There are lots of customization options, ranging from your player's body and facial characteristics to his kit color and poses. Such is the wealth of options that it's all too easy to create some horrific-looking players. There's a simple pleasure to be found in seeing a big-eared guy with a perm, blue goatee, and a bright pink strip run around the pitch, even if your opponents might not agree. On the more serious side of things, you also have the option of adjusting the level of pass support; that is, the degree to which passes automatically home onto receiving players. This is a welcome addition, particularly given how tricky the new passing system was in PES 11. Tweaking extends to the AI too, so you can specify if it should automatically pass, shoot, or clear the ball when you're not in direct control.
While this year's updates aren't entirely revolutionary, they build upon the substantial improvements introduced in PES 11. Matches were smooth, exciting, a lot of fun, and felt noticeably faster than those in FIFA. It remains to be seen whether PES can catch up with FIFA's excellent online features, but we were left suitably impressed, making this year's battle between the two football games that little bit closer. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is due for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 14.



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