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Driver: San Francisco

Chasing criminals in high speed chase, run deadly feats of driving, or dropping the entire criminal organization can be a bit much for the average cop, but drivers are introduced: San Francisco, John Tanner is in step. When you control him and began to hit the streets of your average San Francisco, the reason is clear: Tanner exceptional ability to "pits" in the civilian body lets you do things from the other agents may not like the hard right of every vehicles in the city, the instructions of the passenger of criminal conviction, or using the car as a ramrod, to name a few. While the idea behind this ability is ridiculous, though it makes sense when you hover over the living, breathing city for the first time, immediately take you to a new mission and quickly jump between cars to take criminals. Drivers shift coup de grace, which features the memories of mediocre Driver 3 put up for peace and rekindle the franchise.

Driver: Driv3r San Francisco up where left off, the story of criminal mastermind Tanner and Jericho continues. After his escape from Istanbul, Jericho refuge in San Francisco, only to be followed and put in prison. However, a routine prison transfer gave him a chance to escape. Tanner and gives chase - after the explosion-filled action scenes part Michael Bay - catch a criminal, to walk down and left comatose. This coma-induced dream Driver Tanner has occurred; battle with commas manifests itself as a hunting Jericho and real life news stories on TV in the hospital room affects his actions. While the story is really absurd and sometimes really confusing, allowing drivers to free themselves from the shackles of the real world and the unique effect of the underlying shift in the game introduction.

The shift allows you to control a vehicle to be taken by simply pressing a few buttons. Activate a shift lets you float above the city, a variety of zoom levels that allow for close-up view of the road all the way to the top. You can highlight any car you want, and with another touch, you're in the driver's seat, ready to take the criminal gangs. The size of the city of San Francisco, game world is huge, and there are hundreds of miles of roads for you to ride and explore. Fortunately, there are concerns about driving tiring to the mission laid to rest in shifts away. Zoom out to a bird's-eye view you can see all the missions on the map, marked with the icon is clear that, when hovered over, detailed content. You can zip from one side missions in other cities in a few seconds, to minimize downtime and get straight into the action.

There are numerous missions available, with wealth types to choose from. Even for something as simple as racing, there are several types, such as checkpoint races, where the route and the unmarked, to destroy race where you must destroy the objects along the route for the time given, and the racing team, where you should shift between the two competitors to ensure they are ready in the first and second place. Then there are the police mission where you must hunt criminals by increasing your ability to ram them off the road or the traffic to move to ram them head on, with repetitions you can splendid massacre in slow motion. The mission of the most exciting action: you must dare to performance, such as drifting, handbrake turns and jumps on moving vehicles operate.

Each major mission has a tale. Sometimes, they relate back to the main story, while others involve ordinary citizens in trouble spots such as parents whose children are abducted or irresponsible teenagers who have entered the race in the streets. These stories are not very interesting, thanks to dialogue clich├ęs and only passable voice acting, but references to the kitschy '70s cop shows and games history driver to let you know the game itself never takes too seriously. To progress, you should most of the story missions for a mission Tanner, who says more about the history of Jericho and the current conditions to open. There are also stacks of optional missions throughout the city. The completion of these awards you with power points will, which is also given to you dare to drive, as overtaking on the wrong track or a big float.



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