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Dead Island

From a distance, Banoi as a vacation paradise: a tropical island in the blue ocean, home to a luxury beach resort. Come closer, though, and you'll see the blood in the sand (and on the walls, and in the pool). Zombies stumbling around the beach bar. They chew the corpse of the Surf Shack. Time to reconsider the holidays.

Like a beautiful location, the island of the dead is not what it first appears. It has zombies, but it's not survival horror game. It is played in first person perspective and shooting, but it is not first-person shooter. And everything that slows the movement of the trailer would have you believe, it is emotionally disturbing experience. The island is dead, schlocky open-world action-RPG, in the terrible melee preferred above all.

Sandbox off widespread around the interior of the island, the Royal Palms Resort in the city and the surrounding forests. RPG character of the excellence of the quests clear, given that the victims in shelters, in violation of the quest hubs. Equally remarkable is the subject of RPGs, like the talent trees and figures, the number statistics on, weapon damage and the point value of the experience of popping enemies as you chop. There are also the devil improvised weapons, upgrades and modded creative and powerful online system supports four player co-op, where the game is best enjoyed.

The failure of many small, but for the most part. Visual quality is uneven. Ditto's voice acting. The characters are weak, and the story is thin hooks to hang the action. The battle is cleaned, and never more than the boring pits you against enemy fire to man barely smarter than the equivalent of their body. The prevalence of boring quests in the sewers in the second round is repulsive. Any number of missteps and failures, often Ropey game, but thanks to the ambition and scale, almost always entertaining. Nothing is perfect, what is the island died, but not so much, and does well enough to give you a good time.

Most of the time you spent on exploration and quests Banoi roaming from one stroke to stroke a building in search of food or weapons to the mission. Zombie sometimes unavoidable: you can often walk around, gathering behind a drooling, running zombie horde. More exciting, but in a multi-person vehicle jumping game, the corpse along the road cut on the island of speed. Some Dead Iceland has to offer is the best time spent gliding in a truck with three friends in a collaborative fashion, zombies pouring experience shows how they bounce off the hood.

Iceland is also dead gorgeous in the mission, you have to risk life and limb in a surprise attack on the station, and is the best experience in co-op. You can park in the front yard and then fend off wave from the dead walk, your friends while filling gas cans and throw them on the back of the truck. On the way back to base, riders can travel between the damaged cars. You may have to come to a bunch of vehicles and goods to defend, while the driver was working like crazy to get to go again. Island of death is a kind of game stories from a natural scenario, pleasant emerge - unlike the zombie-bashing Co-op pioneers, Left 4 Dead.

So yes, Left 4 Dead: Zombie elephant in the room. If the mission of collecting fuel-mode 2 Left 4 Dead sounds like a leg, it's there. Deadlift island free of Valve Zombie Shooter elsewhere, and clearly the resemblance. His main enemies are like the rest of the casting Left 4 Dead, infected close to a variety of specialized in the game. Among them is the nature of the loader, digger type, and the nature of the boomers. However, it is difficult to play because of the derivatives in the horror genre as a derivative as a zombie envy, one might even say: a loving tribute, when the boss is better rip-off - nothing is as scary as creepy as a tank or a witch.

Weapon system is similar to other zombie games too - this time, Dead Rising 2 Despite the fact that no weapons, they came relatively late, melee weapons and throwing is the order of the day, with an emphasis on cutting the enemy and press . Here are the basic weapons such as knives lying around, sickles and baseball bats. You can not craft from scratch, but you can upgrade and change them at workbenches are found to make it into the hub, for example, nail spikes clubs and machetes, delivers a paralyzing electric shock. Unfortunately weapons quickly boring from time to time can be a valuable weapon that you upgrade modded to the max and not long after the lid quest hub, so you are caught breaking the paddle and improvise hangers.



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