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Assassin's Creed: Revelations

In this Assassin 's Creed: Revelation, a gray Ezio left Italy for the secret behind the Altair in Constantinople and find Masyaf. E 'on the hunt for the five main Altair Library Masyaf - relics, it seems, like every feature of Animus, Ezio go back in time to relive the memories of his fellow assassins. So you play as Desmond, Ezio play, play as Altai mainsail play as Desmond, Ezio play, play as Altair.
Ezio get one of these buttons Leandros, a captain with a cup of the Templars mocking disfigured mail and armored. This is the man who tries to hang in the debut trailer Ezio, and Ezio killer on top of a tower in the snow Masyaf fortress. The fort is attacked by "forces, a faction of the Byzantine Knights Templar, who suffer the death of the hidden blade, of course, but also explosives, each made in Revelations Leandros bomb crafting new system.

The system is accessible from stations around the city bomb crafting Order Murderess, where the co-developer of the bird used to your team of trainees murderess Assassin Creed manage compares Set: The Brotherhood. Here players can use stolen from boxes of ingredients, such as thorns and splinters, to build bombs in three categories: fatal, tactical and distraction. The bombs are made by combining a shell of material, a material powder, and a material "effect". If the material effect thistles, for example, the result is a bomb caltrop, Ezio can be used for the spiked ball into the path of a pursuer spread. If the garnet material effect, the result is a bomb shell - a shell, in fact.
Besides crafting occupation bomb in his old age, the Ezio gray beard perfected his vision of eagles - the mode colored auras of enemies and objectives - if eagle. With this version of the advanced skills, Ezio track and predict the path of a target, the better for tail and track victims. There is the odd nod to the years of Ezio advanced verbal ("It was so easy," grumbles, ending a climb), but for the rest of the murderess Florentine furniture seems forever - maybe more, with the addition of hook blade, the hidden blade that uses changed the zipline and acrobatic combat moves.

And then by Ezio elderly postadolescent Altair. In the demo Gamescom, we see the relic of this key transport Ezio back in time, in memory of the young Altair before the events of Assassin Creed first. Here, at the foot of Masyaf murderess first game, the fresh faces, Altair is betrayed by a former ally, armed with a crusader who took hostages assassin Altair and mentor cohorts. Cue a period of Assassin Creed classical free-running and high-dive-style killing family castle back in the context of a murderess much of the original Assassins Creed. It ends with the mentor to think about how quickly her mentee Altair has grown. "It is your father's shoes, as if tailored for your feet," he said, referring to his father's assassin Altair.

The five keys that let you Desmond, as Ezio, nip back in time to review Altair is a gimmick, but it is worth, the design of the franchise, along with three conductors and three times what we hope for a final assembly. A final, that is, by Ezio - Ubisoft sees Revelation as the last part of his trilogy. Look in the month of November.



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